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Your Body Plays Tricks On You

Enjoy this excerpt from How To Live An Amazing Life eBook When it comes to people and behaviour I have a confession to make, I love watching and modelling people. From the leading professionals in business, to great movie actors, to world-class sports stars, I’ve worked with them and I understand how they create their…
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How to find your perfect partner

Enjoy this excerpt from our Amazing Relationship eBook Series. P.C.S.P. stands for Personal Criteria Selection Process and it’s what this chapter is all about. This selection process is what humans do, often subconsciously, when they go searching for a mate. I’m going to show you how it works and then I’m going to ask you…
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Panic Attacks

We know how you can suffer from these debilitating moments and with the help of Hypnosis you can now begin to reduce those attacks. You see when you experience a panic attack adrenaline is released into your bloodstream. A message of fear sends a signal to your adrenal glands that there is something wrong and…
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