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When you or someone you know loses control and becomes angry the chances are it could turn abusive, even violent.

Today anger has become one of the top issues facing the world. Whether it’s your 4 year old child being angry, a teenager or your spouse, anger affects us all.

When something makes you angry, adrenaline causes your body to prepare for ‘fight or flight’, giving you excess energy and making you feel tense. Now you have a problem because you need to release this energy and tension. If you don’t and you just suppress your anger, it can lead to illness.

In most situations, fighting back or running away (‘fight or flight’) isn’t helpful and anger can often lead to responses that make things worse rather than better. Anger becomes a real issue when you allow it to harm you or people around you. This can depend on whether you express your anger, and how you express it.

Our range of hypnosis programs are designed to reduce your anger and ultimately allow you to make the changes that give you the results you desire, which is living a happy life free of anger. Select a program now and begin your new life free of anger.

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