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When you don’t get a good nights sleep it can leave you feeling drained, tired and irritable.

Sleep of course is a natural part of life, but sometimes you just can’t sleep (we call it insomnia). Many times during your life you can encounter sleep issues and it’s usually just for a short time, sometimes brought on by anxiety or excitement. Once those issues go you can normally settle down and sleep properly again.

When you sleep you become unconscious and unaware of what’s going on around you. Then during sleep, you pass through two main phases:

One is what we call: Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. This comes and goes throughout the night, and makes up about one fifth of your sleep. Your brain is very active, your eyes move quickly from side to side and you dream. Although your brain is active, your muscles are very relaxed.

The second phase is Non-REM sleep. This is when your brain is quiet and you are still unconscious, but your body moves around more. Hormones are released into the bloodstream and your body repairs itself after the wear and tear of the day. There are 3 stages of non-REM sleep:

‘Pre-sleep’ – your muscles relax, your heart beats slower and your body temperature falls.
‘Light sleep’ – you can wake up easily without feeling confused.
‘Slow wave’ sleep – your blood pressure falls, you may talk or sleep walk and it’s hard to wake up. If somebody does wake you, you feel confused.

You move between REM and non-REM sleep about 5 times during the night, dreaming more towards the morning. On a normal night, most people wake up for one or two minutes every 2 hours or so. You aren’t usually aware of these ‘mini wakes’, but may remember them if you feel anxious or there is something else going on – noises outside or a partner snoring.

For example, many sleep disorders are fuelled and worsened by stress and anxiety, issues which can be effectively resolved with the use of hypnotherapy. Usually it is not a situation itself which causes stress but the way in which we react to it. By inducing a state of deep relaxation in an individual our hypnotherapy programs will be able to gain access to the unconscious mind so that negative thought patterns and reactions to a particular situation can be turned into more positive ones.

Our Sleep Hypnosis will have you sleeping again. And, you will notice that you sleep very deeply.

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